Saturday, March 29, 2008

getting the hang of things

. living life to the fullest .

hey people. here's an update for ya'll
i've been so busy nowadays.
but let me tell you the ONE things that i'm enjoying for now


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

HAHA! yes believe it or not i'm actually sitting in a real car driving ok. no more arcade driving games d. oh it's so fun. hehe. dun't worry i think i'm a safe driver well until i pass my test i still got my mom's test. wish me luck ppl

Sports Day pics,

. double is trouble .

. march pass members of 2008 - we got first baby .

. united we stand . divided we fall .

uncle Jack's baptism dinner,
on sunday night went for dinner @ auntie jennifer's place w/ parents and their cell members. thank god ming yen went and i had company. food was great and so were the drinking. din stay long cause I had school the next day.

. kids just wanna have fun .

MSSPP ; badminton tournament,
HAHAHA! i'm laughing at my ownself for even joining this. so funny. went to school earlier jus to train w/ them who was going. didn't attend assembly and left the school at 8 a.m. reached the place met a few people whom i knew last time.. had to wait there and support my school until my match started at 3 p.m! GUDNESSS! wasting my time.
me and jocelyn were playing doubles and we did our best but we were so darn scared ok and crap we forgot all our footwork. agrhhh.
so like obviously we lost. hehe.

. through thick and thin .

Gotong-Royong 08,
yes this is also my last gotong-royong in my life in school. sad eh? everything also last! ish. but i did not enjoy this year's one. everybody is so boring. not like when we were in F2/F3 we used to have so much fun on this day because we poured water on the floor and had loads of fun scrubbing. this year for i have no idea what reason they didn't want to scrub the floor but only mop it. OHGOSH! wad fun is there in this? GAHHH!!
and after that it got a lil bit more fun. cause of charisma darling.
here's how it went ;

Puan Choo ; hey girls, do you all want to do some extra work?
Nicole & Xu Jen ; ermmm? don wan le. no merit marks one.
* pn choo not hearing wad we just said *
Charisma ; err. can also lah i think
* me and xu jen looking at charisma w/ our eyes opened wide *

* after pn choo left *

Nicole & Xu Jen ; I'M GONNA KILL YOU!

and we had to friggin clean the bilik stor where they kept all the chemicals and all that for the chemistry lab. it looked like it hadn't been cleaned for like 10 years! YUCKS! and it was so funny ok. we were practically laughing the whole time cuz none of us wanted to do the dirty job and jus pretend when teacher came. HAHA. then we dragged our other friend in and said "oh teacher asked u to help" and we made her clean the cob webs! so mean. haha

after dat i got bored and did some doodles of sesame street!
[thx to pei yen]

. he's the FAT BLUE one who eats loads of cookies .

. he is LOVE .

. i'm free to fly .

dat's pretty much bout it.
till next time.
will update ya'll on my driving! HAHA
my mom asked me how many ants i've killed?

currently ; getting the hang of sitting behind the wheels :D

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