Sunday, April 06, 2008

i love my badminton

. badminton is where my heart is .

last saturday's badminton was pure fun and vainess and tiredness!
reached there around 8 smth and had training first before everybody came for meeting at 10.. gosh we played for like 4 hours ok. damn tired. and thanks to pei yen who brought her camera, we started taking pictures.

. thanks much dear .

nwy's enjoy them.
i seriously can't update so often anymore. i gotta start controlling myself
mid year exams are jus round the corner. DIE!

. the so called monitor lizard they call me ; i somehow hate and love my job at the same time. weird eh? .Photobucket

. xu jen . karen . mei jie . me . ; the noise makers in class .


and then we got bored and pei yen started doing some weird batman pose and it was so damn funny jus trying to get my hands into position. me and xu jen were like "weiii! HOW? cannot one. my hand can't turn so much lahhh!"

and when we could finally do it we faster asked them to snap a picture before we crack our heads trying to do that pose agian :D

. the three musketeers ; or rather three blind mice - LOL .


class 101 on how to become superheroes

. no 1 ; the batman .

. superwomen to the rescuse .

. the fun has jus begun .


. it reminds me of lin dan and xie xingfang's picture ; just need the special somebody ; HAHA .

that's pretty much bout my update this time
and sorry if i dun't update for quiet sometime ok.
but if i do den good for all my readers.

xoxo ; little miss sunshine

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