Thursday, August 07, 2008

the darlings ♥


. i wish i had wings to fly .

i went to KL but i didn't get to visit my darling LARA this time
mom claimed that we had to time to do any visiting.
it was a pure SHOPPING trip ok.
shop till you drop. i literally dropped to my bed when i got back home.

i miss her!
i really do miss her!
i wanna hug her!
i wanna kiss her!
i want her to call me CHE!


she's really such a big girl right now ok.
just waiting for her to talk.
when the time comes, my cousin is gonna go mad

when she was little-er!
my lil baby LARA
so cute! so awesome!
just like the auntie! LOL

meet the daddy
she's such a vain pot!

& meet the mummy
both as pretty!

i still have yet to meet Baby Elena.
this is bad..i only get to see her after my SPM unless she comes down to Penang

my cousin the mother.
here's lil elena still so small
baby lara's cousin. HAHA!

this is miss koay yi lin's god sister's baby
Baby Dorothy
OMG! the cute-ness in her.

she's so freaking cute lah.
i tak boleh tahan!
go to yi lin's blog to see more picture of her

I get VERY excited when i see babies
the JOY of seeing them
never fails to make me SMILE :D

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