Wednesday, September 17, 2008


. no wonder my physics sucks ; LOL .

look lah at us people, after trails finish we sit at the computer, we watch tele. and of cause we go out. HAHA!

just got back from gurney w/ my girls :

simone the current DRIVER
florence the SIAO PO
jocelyn the NOISY PIG
[mind you it was our 07` picture]

together the 4 of us laughed our butt's off in the cinema and cried like nobody's business.
thank gudness florence so smart to bring in tissue for us. HAHA.

go and watch

my rating for the show : A++!
; it's FUNNY and it has a very good MORAL value

tomorrow's a HOLIDAY as well
- i need a one week break for now -

going to play badminton with my ladies! YAY!

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