Sunday, November 30, 2008

a day well spent

no more ADD MATHS tuition!
it was fun while it lasted :D

28th November,
was really a day well spent!

went to school and return SPBT books..
wait for them ladies and I so kindly took them out to Gurney to watch TWILIGHT!

. sighs* EDWARD CULLEN . the sweet-ness with BELLA SWAN .

yea i know the most awaited movie of the year besides harry potter which was supposed to come out too! but due to the reason they did not wanna "fight" with twilight they postponed it to next year. ARGHH!

we went to eat Nando's and walked around the new wing when we arrived..
GSC gurney gets a BOO* from me. stupid service! made 3 of our friends got separated from us! like HECK! we booked the whole row and konon-nya the system opened and ppl took our seats!

the people in the cinema was even more irritating. jocelyn and I had to keep telling ourselves "they're lil kids. control. control". well su quin was boiling and shouted at them. LMAO!!! engkai! but after we watched a while we really got into edward's character. and then gone lah we all. sigh-ing all the way in the cinema! HAHA!
yue shern, charisma, janice, regina they all more sampat! HAHA! funny people!

trust me i EDWARD CULLEN!
but not robert pattinson.
edward is too sweet! perfect boyf! HAHA!

all in all i thought the movie was great. it's because maybe i haven't read the book but i'm reading it now. thank god SPM is over! LOL.

came back and checked the score. went to bathe and headed over to the condo behind yan's house!

just the two of us night! :D

ahhhh, it was nice catching up with her with big apple donuts, HOT & CLEO mags!
totally girl stuff. sat around the poolside and had fun talking and laughing like we always do!
it's nice. the breeze was awesome!
more outing's to come soon!

i you people

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