Thursday, January 29, 2009

picture spam!


get ready to feast your eyes on them vain pictures :D
you better remember my face even when I've gone back for my NS ok!

here's a very [x10] late shout out :

CONGRATULATIONS to Eunice Che and Gabriel on the wedding
get lots and lots and lots of children!

. the ever beautiful bride .
went for their wedding in the morning @ church!
everybody looked so pretty!

the PURPLE girls. LOL

I will always help to become a kepo! HAHA


the wonderful BESTF.

the awesome NIECE

the ever lovely GRAND NIECE!

then, my awesome friends had a "Farewell" party for me @ yan's condo!
never expected me and yan-y time to have so many people involved! HAHA!
thank youuuuuu :D

"why are we waiting?"

2 against 2 pool
LOL! damn stressed I tell you be on the same team with Gerald soon!

i touch! i touch!
very good entertainment! :D

don't mind the one behind!

group picture!
- thank you people for coming!

then, enjoy more random pictures ok!
you better not complain! these pictures are gonna make up for the 2 months that I won't be here to update my blog. ish.

my "last supper" @ Northam

3rd family reunion! :D

how can you not love CHRISTMAS?

sister from another mother!

timothy yeoh! dumb boob. LOL

- don't play play! HAHA

darn, i'm surrounded by TALL people!

I told you people love to stalk me! HAHA

1990 . 1991 . 1992 babies!

the one on the right is "ME" :)
i still remember @ AYC 07

*knock knock*
who's at the door?

LOL! oh yes nathania, we're all supposed to know it's u :)

advantages of being not to tall
- getting easy massages

so excited for DORAEMON!

just like little girls. haha

stupid STRING game
i still don't get it. LOL

i somehow like this picture!

hugs* for my grand niece!

it's been ages since I last took a picture with Tan Sao Peng! :D

my favourite game

more pictures to come soon ok!
i promiseeeee!

i had a FUN 18th BIRTHDAY!
thank you people!

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