Friday, January 30, 2009

Freed To Follow ; AYC 08 pictures

. xoxo ; hugs and kisses from me .

going back

arghhhh.. so FAST! i don't wan to go back yet.
i can't believe one week flew by so fast!

see you people on MARCH 11

i always loved captured LOL moments! :D

same old same old morning watch!
; so smart, SPURGEON sat in the middle of the road! haha

this year we got to watch videos
; and we got to watch in the air cond room! :D
thank you judson! you rock

the camera naturally loves us
- accept the fact ok!

then, it's GAMES time

bible quiz ; amazing race style
- you know how frustrated we were here! LOL. I'll never forget

came up with a stupid cheer! LOL

some water spitting game

- i can't do it. i kept laughing the whole way

they didn't want to believe me that i was heavy!
engkai! HAHA

and then when we didn't play we sat there and took pictures!

supposed to be family portrait!

and i absolutely LOVE the POOL!

the sister and the niece!

sermon's at night were good!

the most yummiest food of the day would be :

BREAKFAST! always the best!

the singing team
- thank you yan-y!

- i love you people!

my darling VANESSA CHENG
- i'm so gonna miss you when u leave for NZ dear! no one to accompany my in church anymore! :(

last but not least, here is my awesome team :

- thank you sharon and ben

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