Saturday, January 31, 2009

what I did when i was back home

come on, say you MISSED me! :D

so, my one week back home was a very very productive week! I had fun and I got pampered alot when I was back home. the saying "home sweet home" has made its point!

a special THANK YOU to all the awesome people who took time to cook for me, go out with me, take me out, buy things for me! I'll always appreciate you people!

went to watch bride wars yesterday! :D ohmy, you have no idea how nice it felt to be in the cinema once again! HAHA.. so pathetic ok I stay in NS! everyday see newspaper only but cannot watch any shows. After that at night went over to yan's condo to hang out! talked till 2 in the morning. LOL

there was even TV to watch!

- my favourite CNY drink :)

we always love to hang out!

a smile for all you lovely people!

don't know what happend :)

then, on 28th JAN I had my 18th Birthday Surprise Celebration from yan & hannah!

did u know they like BLINDFOLDED me the whole car ride?
and i'm sure i got stares from the cars and motocycle's passing by!

no, that wasn't the worst part yet.
they didn't allow me to take off the blindfold even when we reached the place.
and i didn't even know where we were going

and I walked all the way to the stage area like this!
look at these people! very awesome har?

& they made me stand up on the bench!
and NO i'm not gonna tell u what happened :)

didn't even know these human were there!


thank you to them! :D

had dinner @ old town
and i got a slice of apple cheese crumble for my cake! awwwww!

it was simply YUMMY!
D to the E to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S! :D

Gary amuses himself with yan's camera!

later on at night went for supper @ coffee island

so here's a BIG THANK YOU to everybody who called me, text me, celebrate with me on my very special day!
i really appreciate everything that ya'll have done for me

a very memorable day indeed!

take care!

leaving in a few hours more!

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