Sunday, March 29, 2009

too much free time!

ni hao ma?


if it wasn't for miss Quah Zhu Lian, I would still have still been sleeping so nicely ok! but i like woke up at 2 p.m. what to do. no life people like me, like that lo! Then, yan text-ed me and ask me whether I could come over for a swim since she was home so EARLY. and luckily i had the car and the mood for a swim.. actually we didn't swim also lah! haha.. talked so much ok! like not enough time only..

BEST PICTURE of the day
- I LOVE YOU miss Y

Then later on @ night my girlf's parents fetched us out to e-gate cause we were both lazy to drive and since her parents were going there, we got a lift. went to starbucks and chilled while watching Gossip Girl with the portable DVD player! so awesome!


we ordered :

- i absolutely love it! hint hint* ^^

- wasn't in the mood for coffee

sent Charis off to Vietnam together with everybody.
drove down to the airport and fetched yan + hannah on the way.

make sure you take care of yourself there ok!
we all will for sure miss you down here in Penang!
Hope to see you soon wei! I LOVE YOU!

Then, after that had to drop joyce all the way to church. and i totally forgot that it was cheng beng! OMG! I could have died waiting in the JAM! but i didn't. thank god. the worse thing was, my air cond went *BOOM*! wth!? of all times, it just had to be then when i was angry, frustrated and HOT!

while waiting for the bloody jam!
- arghhhh!

reached home and slept like a PIG I'm telling you. haha. and it was darn HOT again. went for youth @ night and this time it was so cold! and we partly did support EARTH HOUR. but youth on their lights like 10 mins before 9.30. pfffttttt... so much for supporting!
my house DID the full thing! I'm PROUD!

I was so craving for PANCAKES! so i bugged my mom to take me go and eat! ^^ it's been so long since i went to the one @ gurney drive..

so i did have my :
- creeps w/ mango, strawberries, kiwi + vanilla ice cream! awesome!


TACO CHIPS w/ sour cream + onion dipping



didn't get to take picture cause my mom ate so fast! haha! ^^ nwy's i was so contented after that!

went out with these ladies :

socks . janice . rachel

went with them to Disted to meet up with socks so that she could fetch us to gurney! we actually supposed to go out with more people but i guess we don't exist after they have their own clicks now! oh well. we couldn't be bothered and we went ourselves!

went to Manila's Place to have our yummy lunch!
we had the set lunch that is :

- for starters

- for refreshment

black pepper chicken . tom yam udon . spaghetti bolognese beef + chicken
- for main course

Vanilla Ice Cream + Choc syrup + nuts
- for desert

told you it was yummy right! :)
while we were so stupidly waiting for them, we went to Popular. and we vained there! LOL

that HIAO PRETTY janice leong
- i cannot tahan how pretty she is you know! haha

NOISY + OUTSPOKEN rachel ooi
- don't let her tembak you. smacks u right in the face! ^^

SOCKS loh sok wah
- we always love to bully her! so bully-able!

stayed there like some sampat people.
- luckily we didn't get "shooo-ed" out!

wanted to find new shades but was unsuccessful and our legs were hurting so the next stop was a drink at Coffee Bean. Janice ordered her Caramel thing and we all shared..

LMAO! look how her name turned out
- i wonder how she pronounced it. coffee bean people have hearing problem. seriously!

I look like some tourist wei!
- HAHAHA! especially with the bag and shades

so :

to you girls for a lovely day!

but, on the way home we had the most scary and worse experience ever! i never wanna relive it again! my heart almost came out of place! gosh!!

more pictures of more friends!

we always love to sit out here during class practice! and it's like beside the mini longkang! HAHA!

and the second last night we had our class party. i had like to go for so many classes because they gave our food hampers in the morning and we were supposed to distribute it at night to everybody. so BUSY!

oh yes, did i mention i was asst. ketua class for my class kenegaraan! LMAO ^^

eh we had lagu patrotik competition the day after our wirajaya and it was damn tiring but we still managed to get 3rd place ok! i was like so shocked when they announced it.. cause i taught there were other Pulau's better than us ok. like seriously. but thank you judges! ^^

and this is my little ADIK AWIE and also the ketua class! ^^
- he's SO SO SO CUTE!

that's not even his shirt and not even his company
- hiao! wanna wear bravo's shirt! haha

- my class intergras buddy!

and some class had cake and these people think that cakes are for playing ok! wasting money. they took the cream and play. gosh.. i was like "YOU jangan mai dekat I pls!" HAHA!

- yes we just call him that. so easy

- to tell u the truth i really didn't like him the first time when we were there. creepy! but he's a great guy now that i actually got to know him better. LOL.

- he can be a pain sometimes! ^^

oh yes, i ran away after that cause i knew they were going to put it on me if i continued staying there. childish! HAHAHAHA!

she always lie to me one!
- keep saying i'll take picture with me tomorrow, but her tomorrow never comes! ish

- our camp's futsal team leader. i think? ^^

the IBU the IBU!!!
- he always says he don't wanna be in a picture but ends up smiling in the end. LOL

- he was like," i x nak tengok cam ok. lebih gaya" HAHA!

PENYU @ WAN ; CSM bravo
- camera shy! so bad ok. they call him penyu. haha

and that night, me + sze ling wore our guides green T and poey sze + jia khee wore their school's chinese club shirt. so CHUN right? we all have the same shirts ^^

and this was taken during the last day of thier Buddisht Class. which i also had to go in for cause every thursday + sunday we have class Kerohanian where malay's go to the surau, indian's do their own thing and chinese go to class.. but seirously i don't know what in the world was she talking about the whole time. and we all always sit behind and talk. so no diff also! HAHA

the chinese GIRLS
- + that ka chuak [cockroach] JACK!

she used to bully aw yi lyn @ rangers camp
- it's darn funny!

my LAUGHING + FOOD partner
- she also gives me piggy backs back to my dorm. haha! AWESOME kan?

the TAN sisters

we almost have the same chinese name ok. so COOL!! ^^
- chen yi LING . chen yi LIAN . chen yi IAN

- my night duty partner! she always has to wake me up for duty. haha

my "sister angkat" YI HUI
- i got adpoted from her camp daddy! haha

you should see her after she drank that 5% vodka!
- gosh. she can never drink again! so HIGH ok

the badminton girl

then after that we had to go to the dewan makan for some thing..

- always say i x mandi one you know

oh i have a story about bathing for you all. you know they very terrible one ok, if you never bathe they will say you BAU PAITTTT! and i who always bathe, always kena from them one ok. TERRIBLE!! they're being MAD!! HAHA! so you better bathe next time before you meet them ^^

Shane Ng Yao Keat
- so called basketball player. i LMAO when he played captain ball. haha!

can you see the KOAY TEOWWWWW!! :)
- we all always very tham chiak ok. people talking we eating. HAHA

she gives me PIGGY BACKS too!
- i love them all!

then there's this vain case guy:

- my first ever malay guy friend in camp! he must have been so PROUD to know me. LOL

that's all for now!
TAKE CARE people!

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