Monday, March 23, 2009

my trip down to SP

hello readers :)

went down to SP last Friday to meet up with yi ling. stayed over her place with li sin, yi ian and sih yee [them alor stear girls] . did so many things and ate so many things in one day.. at night went to a shop called U-TURN. you know why it's called like that? it's because we had to u-turn so far before we could get to the shop which was just there! haha.

lychee + kiwi ice blended and fries!

ice cream + fruits ; it's yummy!

slept around 2 smth due to laughter! gosh. i never laughed so much in my life before ok. all thanks to miss khor li sin. we laughed since the car ride home that was around 12 smth..

li sin : eh isn't it one ham and many HAMS??

and as usual, the next morning the both of us who laughed so hard at night couldn't get our butt out of bed! and there goes my "please give me 5 more mintues! you go bathe first laahhhh" HAHA! finally decided it was time to wake up and yi ian drove yi ling to school for a while and then we were off to the CARNIVAL!

our driver for the morning
- little miss yi ian

the Craziest girl I've ever met

- she's so so animated when she talks

so excited to go and play ^^

finally reached!
- played that scary blue slide

we stayed there for 4 hours just playing. it was fun and tiring at the same time. guess what was the dumb-est thing we girls ever did? we forgot to put SUNBLOCK! and this is the after effect :


yi ian's poor legs!

and these are hers today! OMG! i so pity her!

and li sin's too!

OMG! i didn't take a picture of yi ling's! that one WORSE! can become a red tomato d ok! and it so HURTS now. i suddenly feel so dumb not putting. so learn your lesson people. don't be like us! suffering now. put your SUNBLOCK at all times when you're under the sun ^^
then after that we went to central square to eat then send them alor stear girls to the bus stop. so memalukan ok! walking around with our faces all so red!

but, I had an AWESOME time with these girls

daddy took me home at night and I saw an accident! actually I didn't see it happen but i saw a puddle of blood on the floor. thank god the person was not there or not i would have fainted in the car ok! i'm no kidding. i can't stand the sight of blood! it's disgusting.



went to play captain ball @ youth park yesterday afternoon!oh how I've missed playing it with them firebrands! sweat like mad ok! was like bathing with my shirt on! i better be loosing weight after playing like this! training for WAVE CHALLENGE.. come support us if your not playing ^^

V + ME
Christmas 2008

it's been so long since I've posted pictures of these pretty girls! my darling niece's!

my darling Lara is such a big girl now!
she's looking more and more like her daddy!
btw, she's gonna become a che che soon! can't wait for the next one!

when, lara meets angeline,
they have their own little baby communication!

baby ELENA is still little!
and she's so cute now that she's growing


my cousin's DOGS!

more pictures of my friends from NS! well i hope you people don't get bored of seeing pictures. if you do pls let me know! TAG me!

during class INTERGRASI we had to do acting. and I had to like do an Indian dance ok. so FUNNY! i was laughing like mad on the stage ok. hahaha!

that THAM CHIAK girl always wanna steal food from me!
- even an apple also we gotta share! YOH!

his LAST NIGHT there!
:( *sobs*

a few day before we went back we got to go out for SHOPPING! oh yea. it was fun getting out of camp into town. which is not very far away. haha. but still, most of them went to buy chocolates but,

mummy wong , baby lee & I

went for food hunting! haha! it was so nice to get to eat LAKSA, keropok lekor, cucur udang. gosh! never tasted better! haha!

- he's like a little kid ok. i bet you would think he's a pelatih like us! ^^

KAK AISHAH ; little miss medic

- she's so pretty kan?

- the teacher who lends me sandals! ^^

mr. ED
- ketua platun 3 ; not mine though. haha

our OBSESSION there was :


oh yea. how look how much we love it!
- totally ROCKS!


every time we will buy coke and ask teacher to ta pau for us milo peng! AWESOME! haha ^^

the most busy lady ever
- you know she doesn't go to the canteen to eat dinner every night! gosh!

when we had nothing to do on our weekends
- Rou Xin

- Kim
Daddy FIFI
- lousy guy! always don't wanna take picture one ok!

- he's so funny and sweet ^^

mr. JERRY!
- he has pretty eyes! i tell u there should be a rule that guys should NOT have long eyelashes! unfair!

the BOLA TAMPAR girl ; ALIA bravo
- she taught me!

and these are the BOLA JARING girls

ALIA delta!
- she's so so hyperactive ok!

- cute right? u know the both of us cried like mad before going home! haha ^^
- yea we sat beside each other for the majlis. LOL. noisy people!

my buddy PIKAH + 2 I/C ZUE
- they always stick together!
- don't know his real name. HAHAHAHA!
- thank you for the dutch lady choc milk!

- my church buddy! she's awesome!

- always welcome for a HI-5 dude!

my O.C ; mr. SHUN
- he gets very anxious easily!

I bet you already know her!

- taken during class practice! we were bored. haha

my adik NAJMI
- people call him abang JAM! IDK why

that day we all got stuck outside under the sun! thank god we had a tent there! so, we decided to vain! ^^

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