Thursday, March 19, 2009

of random pictures!

welcome once again!

if your not up for pictures please do not bother to scroll down ^^
thank you!

was blog hopping and I found this picture we took during our One Day Rangers Camp
one of those pictures I love!

I had the BEST 3 MONTHS of my life and I would like to share part of it with you by showing you pictures. so I hope you all don't complain ok! these are just very random pictures!

After coming back i've been so freaking lazy! like a PIG i tell you! only eat, sleep, go out, and do my college stuff.

during the second last day
- we realized we showed you people how and what we eat!

- well this one we eat d that's why it looks like that.
but if we're lazy we usually take the bowl and campur everything and eat! ^^

this is the way to cook BUBUR ASYURAH [not sure of spelling]
- it's mixed with flour, corn and all kinds of nuts!

It's taste so darn YUMMY!
- i know it looks kind of disgusting at first

18 and ABOVE ^^
- that day we went shopping and we got to drink! taste awesome!

I almost DIED LAUGHING when i saw this bag!
- guess who's?! miss TAN YI LING'S! thank god it managed to close. don't ask me how!

here are some pictures of my teachers and friends!
[ not all though ]

our dearest and the BEST COMMANDER ever!
- Tuan Shafizul

MR. TKP my brother!
- Tuan Khairul [yes, he's so vain!]


the most GOOD LOOKING teacher there
- Cikgu Azrul!

my CB CLASS teacher
- Cikgu Nurul!

the DUO's in camp!
you literraly can Laugh Your Ass Off when they're around!

- until he had to leave my for studies! :( MISS HIM SO MUCH!

- Daddy Fifi + Mummy Wong

- [L to R : Handsome Acu + Daddy Abrar + Adik Kecik + Poser Memeir ]
[Bottom : O.C Khairil]

the KEMBAR ; brothers from another mother
- Farez my "husband" and Q
[don't you think they look quite alike? hahaha.. both so cute!]

Alpha Girls all in RED
- during our sports carnival!

During Kelas Kenegaraan we had Khidmat Komunity and we got to go out to many places! We got to go twice and the first I went to the Balai Cerup Negara that is where they see all the stars and planet. damn cool ok! the telescope so HUGE! and you just have to click on the computer for the planet you wanna see and the telescope will adjust itself! WOW! ^^

Then after that I went to Mawilla 3 which is the Navy and we go to sit the army boat. the fast one of course! ^^ so SYIOK! aahhhh.. haha.

i look like an idiot! LOL

an apple a day keeps the doctor away
- if the doctor is handsome, throw the apple away! ^^


look la! the both of us so damn HARD WORKING!
- don't mind the messy bed. LOL

- i bite! ^^

the most favourite game there ; SUDOKU
- we rip out several pages and bring it every where we go! haha.

- the water is damn cold. even brought out shampoo to wash hair. LMAO!

Peace to YOU!

- Teoh Rou Xin [ she's so pretty right!?]

my siau lang "ANG"!
- always merajuk with me one! really mad. hahaha


- another good looking one! sighs*

Ice Cream never taster better!
- thank you memeir!

Love the Colours of our shirt!
- Do-Ra-E-MON!

US + the IBU
- just before we have our rollcall every night!
my most awesome GIRLFRIEND!
- @ the bilik gerak getting air cond! LOL

"Diam-diam Ubi Berisi"
- that's her : Neoh Ker Pheng

the 3 of us
- after coming back from the new years break

Bravo friends

- Lee Jia Khee!

Baju Kurung night!

come on, say it that's we're PRETTY! ^^
- i'm waiting. hahahaha

- that's the dobi bag filled with our clothes!

Mr. Winson Ooi Y.Y

Alpha BOLA TAMPAR girls
- we rocked hard! Fatin + Nadia + Me + Ela

this is my SISTER
- @ mummy wong!

- Tuk Ah Lee!

our "so-called-family" excluding daddy fifi
- auntie nicole . mummy wong . tuk ah lee . baby sue

then the day we all waited arrived where we went to the shooting range to finally shoot our M16! We had a 1 days course the day before teaching us how to shoot and the safety measures and also letting us test out the gun w/o live bullets la! it was fun!

look lah! even before shooting also so excited d!
- yet there's this feeling of being scared too!

the shooting range
- yes we had to lie down and shoot our targets which were so damn far!

the ARMY people!

after my turn I had to wait there like an idiot for others!
- so hot . so hungry . so boring!

went back with a blue black on my shoulder! LOL ^^
it was a whole lot of fun getting to hold a real gun and shooting with it!
Managed to get 28 points! HAHAHA! at least i'm not the blind and i still can judge where to shoot!

@ the JETTY!

take care people!
remember : KEEP COMING BACK ^^

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