Friday, April 17, 2009

happy happy birthday!

welcome READERS!

shoutout to all them APRIL BABIES :

♫♪ Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy Birthday to all of YOU,

to YOU! ♫♪

here's to my sister : Vivian chee! who's birthday is today!
thank you so much for everything my dear! i'm sure you rock as much as I do, since we're sisters! HAHA ^^ you've been an awesome friend and a huge blessing to me. thanks for all those times u fetched me with different types of cars! even my mom gets jealous when u drive your merc to fetch me! LOL. it's fun hanging out with you.. sleepover soon? :) all the best in everything ok!

xoxo ; nicole!

and I just couldn't resist posting this picture up. HAHA! i love this photographer! he takes awesome pictures. go visit his blog sometime soon.[CLICK HERE]

you're eyes don't lie

Random Outing's

went out with joyce one night to watch ; She's just not that into you!
it was a nice show. we got stuck in gurney cause it ended so late and we had to walk up the parking lot. LOL!

then Me . Jocelyn . Janice . Florence went out for tea @ winter warmers just before jocelyn left for AIMST.

yesterday day I was not in the whole day ok! gudness! my girlf came to fetch me and then chiew wen and we went to INTI college to east breakfast. pathetic right? LOL. it because we had to wait for all of them to finish their class at 2 so we coloud go down to sushi king for lunch!

she's my current driver! HAHA!
she's so pretty rightttt?! :)

she'll always be my BEST FRIEND for life!

met up with chia yi :)

while they went to class, we stayed at the cyber lab where the comp was!
so that entertained us! ^^

after lunch at sushi king went to chiew wen's place to chill. wanted to go swimming but didn't. and we ended up going to the gym. HAHA! more of like playing in there!


random fact : do you know me and zhu lian are almost of the same height and weight! no wonder we're best friends since std 1. I LOVE HER!

after that, we went to play SQUASH!
it was the funniest thing ever watching the both of us play! HAHAHAHA! zhu lian screamed like mad the first time chiew wen hit the ball to her! FAINTS* we were practically laughing more than playing ok! HAHA

tennis? HAHAHAHA!

acting pro only i tell you! ACTING! ^^

we even took videos. NO you don't want to watch them. trust me! HAHAHA

as if lah like we know how to play like that! HAHA!

finally I can tell people i've played squash before! ^^

chiew went said it looked like some ad for the master's cup? HAHA!

sweated like MAD girls after that!
it was good sweating it all out!

then, melanie and kelvin came and we went to shower and off to go eat dinner @ Double Good restaurant! don't go there! it's so expensive ok!


after dinner that my crazy girlf wanted to drink KOPI O PENG! LOL! had to go everywhere just to find a nice one for her. in the end, we went to YO YO cafe opposite lazy time south zone. HAHA! sit there and talked as usual!

i had a great time with my girls! :)
take careeeee!

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