Monday, April 20, 2009

lesson learnt :

especially to ladies!

today went for church and some "ass" decided to steal my bag with so little money and my bible! Pathetic right? the story : As usual we all always leave our bag on the chair after service one ma. So I went to the toilet and when I came back, my bag was GONE! i thought Joyce and the rest were playing some kind of joke on me but found out it was like true! Dumb ass person! Please just give me back my IC & LICENCE & PSC MEMBERSHIP CARD! agrhhh. curse you stupid person! HAHA! i hope he reads my bible and repent! :)

CAPTAIN BALL made it all better!

sweated a whole lot today. I remember sweating alot during the first practice too and now again at our last and final practice! Wave Challenge is around the conner so people get ready! Feeling excited yet a bit scared? HAHA! oh well. it's the nerves! ^^ keep the captin ball-ers & floorball-ers all in prayers and do come and support us for those who aren't playing! :) see you all there!

Here are some picture @ Sushi King ; RM 2 day! :)

you know this pathetic tempura with the plate colour like that cost RM6?
like wth! so small summore ok! we wanted to COMPLAIN!
cheat people one!

look at my poor zhu lian's hand!
Karen abused her with the mechanical pencil! LOL!

so bored waiting for the food to come. cheat people one i tell u there! everything was like the same. And if u order from the menu it would be the original price. FAINT*

I told you she's mad right!
it's so PROVEN! ^^

the AH MAH + CUCU's!
missing Jacintha! HAHA!

she's more vain than me!
TERRIBLE! don't know here she learned it from also.

just admit it. HAHA!


Then we went to celebrate V's Birthday @ MCD after cell group! well thank you to andrew who so kindly fetched me! HAHA :)

first : EPHRAIM was awesome! ^^ it's so good seeing all of them again! i promise to go more often ok?! i do miss going for cell group actually! ^^

the BIRTHDAY GIRL and me!
we stayed there and chatted till 12.30 a.m! no life people! HAHA!



my PURSEEEEE! I want it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and thank god i kept my handphone with me!

nice right! the poor fry on the table!
and it kept JU and V entertained on facebook! so many comments!
tsk tsk tsk =.="

Isn't it so OBVIOUS where we went! ^^

last night's COMBINE YOUTH with RGBC was great! I loved it and had a great time! I got to see YI LIN! :) it was FUN! pastor Tom is just fulled of energy in telling God's word! i loved it. ice breaker was fun too! "JOSHUAAAAA" haha.. ^^
after youth went for supper @ northam den old town @ NWP! :)

more picture of us to come this year! HAHA!

you see the person that is smiling behind there,
he asked to write about his awesome-ness here in my blog. HAHA!
let me tell you smth : there is no awesome-ness. ONLY GILA-NESS! ^^
have fun reading TIM! he's so vain!

take careeeee!
love you people!
"captain ball . captain ball . captain ball"

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