Thursday, April 23, 2009

what a "productive" day


yesterday :
  • my computer went NUTS!
last night I was playing and the screen just suddenly turned BLUE! like wth?
made me had the shock of my life. and it can just suddenly turn black one ok!

  • out with YI LIN + CHERYL
If i didn't go out I think I would have DIED at home i tell you! I was going to FAINT* staying at home. Nobody had a car to take me out, was grounded, can't drive and as for myself, no license. pathetic right? now u know how my life is.

So in the end we got Yi Lin's boy to take us out! THANK YOU JIAN WEI! you saved my life! ^^

ended up in OLD TOWN @ E-GATE!

more pictures to come soon after i receive them! LOL
  • supper @ ANANDA's
dad fetched my to Joyce's place just after dinner and then Andrew came and fetch us there to eat AGAIN! i'm not going to get any thinner if i keep eating like that! HAHA

James, Gary + Dan came and joined us after that. chatted a while and den we went home! HAHA! fun right?

  • a visit to JPJ + IC PLACE
woke up at 8 smth. first time ever since i came back from NS! not counting church service lah! HAHA! did my temp IC and i finally have my LICENSE again! YAY*
  • DOME for breakfast with my parents
  • lunch with the GIRLF!
zhu lian came to take me for lunch as she promised too and I was craving for banana leaf so we went to NWP! ^^

no life people like us would only do such things. HAHA! :

went to visit the PET SHOP beside NWP. we walked there since we didn't want to drive. and it was freaking HOT! it was FUN! got to see so many types of fishes and animals and laugh at the silly things we thought off! as usual! ^^

then, we couldn't stand the heat and we needed to be in an air cond place. so we went to GURNEY. LOL! met up with kelvin for a while to discuss our plans for monday then went to popular to buy my stuff! :)

then, as we still didn't wanan go home and my babe wanted to see NICE HOUSES, we went to JESSELTON! LOL! to see houses. we drove around the whole area ok!

this is what we people do! too much petrol right?
that's why i love HER!
take care people!

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