Wednesday, April 22, 2009

♥ when i grow up

I am still and always will be :

Everyone is still a kid at heart and you can never take that away from them

As for me, I had always loved :

every girl's dream was to become like them and find their prince charming! awwww! so cute right?

and they're all so PRETTY!
but my favourite is always : ARIEL from little mermaid!

next would be :

have you watched to movie? if you haven't go and WATCH! it's so darn CUTE!
all those little fairies! DARN! i wanna be like them! ^^

Click here to get avatars like this!Click here to get avatars like this!Click here to get avatars like this!




and you all should too!
I believe in magic? HAHA!

"faith and trust, all you need is pixie dust"

and of course not forgetting everyone's favourite :

i bet you i'm sure everybody has got to own a pair of little miss shirts!
they're just too adorable not to get them!
resist temptation? HAHA!

even the books are nice to read ok! no kidding! ^^
*hint hint* i want a little miss shirt for chirstmas! HAHA!

that's all for now!
it was just a random thing i decided to do :)

YOUTH is always FUN!
I'm glad to have friends like them!


babies of 1990 . 1991 . 1992
the 90-ties ROCK!

take care people!
wave challenge in 3 more days!
captain ball! ^^

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