Thursday, July 02, 2009

lets do this :


I suddenly had the mood for purple again!
but I think i'm still obsessed over pink.

pampered myself to a french manicure and pedicure,
well, it's not actually pampering because I did it all myself and boy was i tired!
especially the french, FAINT*
say it's NICE! :D

painting tip : to dry your nails after painting, soak it in ice water!
it totally works!
thanks mummy :D

oh btw, my parents has yet again left me to the land down under!
how unfair can life get? LOL!

did I mention that,
Beau Bristow's Concert @ GBC was amazing!
and eulene ooi was totally in love with him! HAH,

"i know i'm short gary, stop rubbing it in!"

we actually stayed back and STUDIED in the study room!
well at least I did! :D
did Accounts which gave me a bloody headache! I HATE IT! arghhh.

a lot of laughter, this is what happens when you study with friends. especially mine. LOL!

okay, it was a picture-less day! so too bad,
but I do have pictures from the past few days :D

monday blues,
i seriously have them!

i was too tired until i feel asleep in class,
as usual, boring QS tutorials!

makes my head spin round and round everytime i open the book to try the questions!
test this monday!

when it get too boring there's only one thing to do :

finished class like half an hour earlier!
and had to wait for my other friend to finish his class,

and we do silly things in the car while waiting!

BEST FRIENDS like forever.
i pity her, have to hear all my sighs* and ramblings everday!
that why I her!

handball was darn dumb! -.-
did the bleep test to test your stamina, which i already did at national service!
and ohmygosh, we were running halfway until 5 . 2 and somebody had to step on the wire and thw whole thing stopped and they made us start all over from 1 again!
WTH right?

the lamest day with the lamest subject!
expect for the fact that classes only start at 1.30 p.m :D

the first two groups had presentation today, and it was scary!
i'm so not looking forward to mine!
but we get to wear formal clothes, oh how i love dressing up!


don't you just this picture?
well, i do! HAHA!

study room! study room! study room!
we just needed aircond.

was the coldest day ever since I went to college!

woke up and I was shivering like mad, so i decided on 3/4 sleeve today,
if i wore that on any normal day, i think i would just faint*

girls will always be girl, no more cam whoring! -.-

enjoy seeing us! :D

oh oh, btw, everybody was wearing red except me in green and veryn in purple! LOL!
darn, we're special!

don't you feel like christmas arrived too early?
but i love it! so bright :D

one LAST picture of me
take care people!


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