Friday, August 21, 2009

pre 18th birthday :

will update soon on :
Fu Sheng's Surprise Pre 18th Birthday

i'm such a lovely friend! :D

Yesterday we were so random and we went to Youth Park for Hiking and to loose weight!
It was very very unplanned!

Traffic Light , so chun!

went to pick up woan shing as well!

i'm damn pro one eh! hahahaha,
people exercise we taking pictures and all. FAINT*

finally decided on hiking up, and i believe we're all like old ladies!

"eehhhh, i'm tired already!!!"

the pigs wore the same shirt!

we didn't even walk half thanks to venne who walked down. gila!

we shall go next time girls.

sentence of the day by woan shing:
"ah ne pui pun mai cho ah?"

while we were doing aerobics and socks wasn't!

when i'm not lazy to update!

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