Saturday, August 22, 2009

finally LEGAL and all grown up,


fu sheng's finally a big boy now :)

Yesterday, had his surprise pre-18th birthday courtesy of me and zhu lian, we went to ingolf and eat.

it was a pretty small party, well it was just dinner! lol, and the people who went :

came back from class and I wanted to sleep but i had teacher's training and then, i was so happy when she canceled it! :) was like the happiest day of my life. LOL!

got ready and then we went to meet up at kelvin's place first and dump his "cake" at ingolf first.
maybe it's just that particular dumb ass lady, i should have slapped her.

so we wanted to go fetch him already and guess what, i called him like a thousands times and he never answered my call. wth right?


got angry and I gave up calling him. haha. we we decided to go jalan-jalan and ended up parking somewhere to cam whore with the blinding flash lights in the car!

i seriously have vain friends <3

Elvin and kelvin looked like they were going for CNY only because i asked them to either wear red/white and they really listened to me! and i got scolding for that when i saw them :

"eh you wanna be super star isit?! ask people to wear red/white and what are you wearing?"

kena tembak terus! lol, thanks to Elvin who told me he's colour blind so i assumed that the plan was off.

i had to pretend i was sitting in a "fairlady" :)

eh le, see we also got RED!

and FINALLY, he decided to call me back after waiting for idk how many "hours"! =_______=
and he wasn't even home yet, how smart can somebody get! LOL

Sam ended up at his place so we went to the place first and waited for the two humans to come,

&& he ended up wearing red and white too!
coincidence much?

we were so confused in ordering our food, hahah! it took us like damn long! but everybody was contented after that right? :)

two super posers i tell you!

nicole likes this

Kelvin helped to light the candles because I burnt my hand trying to light one. haha! and me and zhu lian sang happy birthday to him. awww, we're so sweet!

and i totally forgot about having a knife to cut the so called "cake" so he ended up using his eating knife with mash potatoes still on it. HAHAHA!

Big Apple Doughnuts thanks to zhu lian's idea!
each one had one, but we ended up sharing too.

thank you people! ♥

i kindly removed the wax from each doughnut because i didn't trust the guys!
don't know what could have happened to them. LOL

then, they wanted to close the section upstairs so we had to shift downstairs and we started cam whoring.

stacked up the books and then self-timer! it totally ROCKS

Colgate/Darlie/Fresh&White or whatever toothpaste company could hire us!
:D :D :D :D :D :D

siao lang!

these boys love thier fish, *inside joke* LOL!

i can't stop laughing looking at this picture okay!

thank you for everything crazy boy :).
you rock, well actually i rock more but since it's your birthday. LOL! ♥

HAHAHAHAHA! so much for a decent picture.

elvin and his babes. LOL!
damn lucky,

i'm as tall as you, haha.

after that went back home beacuse it was getting late. but i had fun with awesome people!

more pictures in facebook people!
but they're almost the same :)

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