Sunday, August 23, 2009

and tonight's gonna be a good night,

despite the heavy downpour and the walk in the rain. that ruined everything for a perfectly good night.

i officially hate working now! it's not that i hate the kids, oh i them. gah, i don't wanna say it here.
had to wake up like super early again, quitting work has been running through my mind, but getting my salary every month and knowing that I can spend my money on things I want is what keeps me going on.
i have a headache again! now i don't look forward to Saturdays!

Went out with my family for dinner and it was a yummy dinner! i love having family dinners! :D and after that mom asked me and zhu lian to follow her to Batu Feringghi. random much!

ended up @ Sunset Bistro with these people :

zhu lian totally blended in with the bottle and my dad was just being dad! LOL

and mom met up with her girlfriends!

left the ladies there to talk and we went for a walk in the rain! so pathetic okay. we ended up buying DVD's and idk how many "hours" we spent there just trying to find nice ones to watch! my goodness!
couldn't stand walking anymore so all of us walked back again to the place and got a drink. was too tired to do anything else. so much walking required in one night! what a nightmare! hahaha! i know I'm being a bum.

"that is why i need a camera mummy"
had to use dad's 3.0MP camera to take these pictures! explain the blurness.

and no wonder i thank god for her! ♥
we see each other more than we see our own parents okay!

rained again! was driving half way to college when it just had to come down! ran into lecture all wet. LOL!
and today was :

this big boy's real birthday!

went to eat lunch together and zhu lian wanted to eat her "char pui" and he drove us all the way up to Batu F. just to find it. and it was closed! HAHAHA! so much for eating there. and we actually wanted to go to the dam to take pictures but guess what, we had no camera! lol

don't you get my point of getting a camera now! :D

drove all the way back down and went to eat the not-too-bad char pui. and then these vain people ended up cam whoring in the car! haha. that's why i said i have very vain friends.

even when he's driving half way he even has time to take pictures!
my gudness! only because it's his birthday :) lol

Elvin and the chipmunks!
wth? hahahaha! i take it back :)

and didn't i tell you he's such a poser! :D

the both of them had class later on so we went back to college and headed back home!
*points to my shoes*
i have the cutest pair of shoes ever! :D

that's all people,



"nicole tan, you know what to do"

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