Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i don't know how i survived

National Service
like seriously, I'm still a bit blur about it.

so I'm sure all you people out there who got it, you'll survive as I did.
gosh, i still remember crying for 2 weeks to come home! LOL.

here are some memories

hahahaha, i remember faking being sick and every time i go to the medic they give me a-million-and-one medicine's!
even for a tiny ulcer in my mouth the gave me like 4 types of med. idk for what reason?

yes, this is when we get lazy to use plates. we use bowls and dump everything inside! i know it's very very disgusting.
and i wonder how i ate there for 3 months!

and this is my :

or maybe it should get the award of the MESSIEST locker!
you'll be so lost when you open it.

  • i never hang up my clothes using the hangers
  • i dump everything in as you can see
  • i always keep my locker close so people don't die seeing it!
my mom will totally kill me if she See's this!

i don't even wash the clothes in my house but I'm the asst of the dobi cleaning service!
but of cause the laziest ever! i only like to write on the paper and not see all the smelly clothes!

look at the nonsense we do,
my gudness!

we all especially love Friday's and Saturday's when we get back our handphone's!
when we do, nobody talks. like seriously, i got ignored so many times! wth right? got angry and shouted at them to listen to me! haha! :D oh yes, i get things done my way!

Sudoku was our favourite game ever there!
we even tore out the pages and brought them everywhere to do :)


a big thank you to these people

yi ling . sih yee . li sin . yi ian

who made me wanna stay and took care and pampered me there
like seriously pampered me!
  • when i needed a drink, they would make Milo for me
  • when i was hungry, i could just walk to some body's dorm and there was food
  • when i was too lazy to cook, they cooked for me maggie mee
  • when i didn't wanna wash my clothes i just dumped it in their pails
  • when i bathed they helped me pour the water
  • when i was sick, they took care of me
  • when we go for breakfast/lunch/dinner they would take the food for me and just asked me to sit and take care of the table
  • when i was too tired to walk, they would give me piggy backs
  • when i needed to wake up early every morning, they would walk all the way to my dorm and stay there until i get up, or just fall asleep beside me. lol
  • when i had mosquito bites, they would help me scratch :)
i know.
i have lovely friends

being tham chiak pigs as usual!

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