Thursday, September 10, 2009

in the midst of headache's and stress

.... i can still go out!
i know, damn keng right? haha.

exams are almost, over!
*jumps for joy*

i can finally get my holiday

A day before english paper, me and zhu lian can so nicely go out for lunch @ Blue Reefs and run errands for her mom. it's like as if we had no exams. even at night we went to MCD to eat ice cream! how lovely right?

HAHA! prevent H1N1.
and we were smiling under the mask, crazy!

went to study with them in the afternoon @ starbucks. but we ended up talking because it's just english! didn't bother that much. lol.

zhu lian . min yen . kelvin . elvin

having exams in my college hall and darn it's freezing cold! my gosh, i wonder how people can think. brain freeze i tell you. haha.
after the paper, we went to eat as usual being us! tham chiak.

socks driving!

@ Ananda's.
the sun was so bloody hot and the both of us still wearing out jackets! haha.

and we had our Hubungan Etnik paper on saturday. how pathetic, having exams on a saturday. SEESH* i didn't go out the night before cause i didn't know wth was i reading. haha. but it was all well after that.
again after we finish we went for lunch.

Venne drove us today in the blueee wira!
her driving certified safe by us (:

and we ended up in Harvest Inn.

nicole . qian yi . socks . zhu lian . venne

so bloddy hard to take a group picture!
thank god for self timers like seriously!

the pig was too hungry already

Qian Yi, she's pretty right?

dropped her back in the hostel and i drove socks balck myvi back to zhu lian's place! we wanted to study Quantitative Studies together but venne was the only one doing it. we were all looking at zhu lian's baby/kindy pictures and laughing like shit when we saw her "when i was once a nerd" pictures!
you could DIE laughing!

good for health!

had to take both my dogs to the doctor because :

Toby apparently has a "wart" on his mouth. lol

Bubbles has an infection on her leg

Both of them were so quiet throughout the whole car ride to the doctor. because they HATE that place.

last last sunday went to eat Satay for dinner with these people :

and i ate Horse Meat! LOL! disgusting much right?
i know, but i already ate it. and it's so expensive!

the "sister and supper buddy"

after satay we were still not full and we took so long to decided where to go.
as usual!
we choosing between home's cafe and old town, but because it was too late we went to old town!

had the most yummy curry mee because i wasn't even full!

three girls! (:

after that all of us went back to leroy's place.

his collection of ultraman toys.

to watch leroy and judson hogging the X-Box.
andrew and his patapon on the PSP
kutu on facebook with the laptop


nicole and joyce watching all of them!

mostly we were watching both of them play.

have I mentioned that i'm done with 14 weeks of Sem 1!
oh boy, how time flies so fast!

last microeconomics lecture!

the next sem would be MACROeconomics alraedy. faints*

when girls meet the camera,
this is what happens

Venne braided my hair!
it know it's niceeee, i just can't do it myself. don't know what will turn out (:

i can't wait till next monday!
HOLIDAYS here i come (:

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