Wednesday, September 23, 2009

what's not to like?

HOLIDAYS have started,
and it feels great! :)

will update soon bout my Genting Trip.
it was fun despite the rain and the 6 hours long bus ride!

it was nice Partying with them. thank you :D
them pretty girls ; hui ling & sabrina

Coffee Bean was good and yummy with the sister which rarely comes back now!

YUM* try the peach blended thing next time.
we didn't have mood for coffee that night, and did a lot of catching up!

straight after exams that night, hanged out with my girlf @ Jemputree
and met up with them people at Coffee Island
didn't manage to get my Alan Burger though. it's okay! all's good :)

we didn't study accounts the whole day!

told you we played "powerpuff girls"
even includes make up, YUCKS! haha

right AFTER microeconomics paper,
went to KFC @ island plaza to eat because we were so hungry

and the day before the paper,
we spent our whole day in the PLAYGROUND!
pictures are in facebook!

my best girlf who i know is always there for me :)

the dog was so cute, following us everywhere! haha.

they were pretty much confused in which festive holiday we were in,
christmas? hahaha!

elvin ruined a perfectly good picture!

don't know what in the world we were discussing.
must be about finding a place for dinner la! haha!
always talking bout food only :)

fu sheng came to fetch us for dinner, had bak kut teh.
it was okay, but because we were hungry we didn't bother much. lol.

i feel young,

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