Friday, September 25, 2009

"when i say jump, you say how high!"

♪♫ I ain’t never seen nobody-ody, get so high
Like a bird, like a plane, this party-arty insane
This party-arty insane, so jump jump jump jump!

. i love scrunching my nose ; HAHA .

after the 6 hours long bus ride to genting and back to penang,
first night,

second day, theme park!

Sam came to pick me, fu sheng and min yen up from the bus stop despite the super heavy downpour which flood up almost everywhere! and boy we were stuck in the jam for so long. thank god he was driving his dad's car and not that little kelisa! haha.

went for Mee Goreng @ Jamal, was too hungry to think! lol.

on Saturday,
i ponteng-ed work! i couldn't stand it, was so freaking tired and i feel a bit sick the night before. haha.
at night went for family dinner for uncle dad's birthday @ Ocean Green! and oh boy, it was darn d-e-l-i-cious!

the night was still young,
sam fetched me and we went to Mois @ UPR.

min yen's and mine official first time there!
it was fun, :)

they look awesome!

me and Sabrinaaaa,
laughed non-stop with her for 3 hours? it was fun!
and our jaws practically hurt now! thank you sam and fu sheng. lol

Damian! :)
he was for sure high, haha.

my two boys, who everybody apparently thinks look alike!
Kelvin & Fu Sheng

& who in the world said boy's don't cam whore as well!

"nicole, where's the cameraaaa?! TAKE PICTURE!"

thanks for the awesome car rides, and loud musics! :D

drunk ass, he has been a great friend for all those car rides!
and me doing his assignments while he goes out! SMART RIGHT?!

that's JJ btw, he's really nice! haha

my legs were aching by the end of the night,
wedges don't really help! haha!


hahaha, look at everybody's faces!
am i the only one smiling?!

i don't know how i put up with his nonsense! haha.

our first times! :D

I had fun that night, but my legs were seriously sore.
had supper @ subbaidah! didn't eat though :) was too tired.


i love love love my mutton fried rice!

going SINGAPORE in a few hours!

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