Friday, October 09, 2009

it starts again

when college starts,
there's catching up to do.. okay, we won't always do it :D

watching movies, student price?
enjoy it while it lasts.

went to watch with Venne, Socks and Zhu lian because our class finished at 11 :)

go watch it, it was nice?
very very Screamable! hahaha.
i only remember screaming the whole show with a tissue covering my mouth.

went to watch with Zhu Lian and Kelvin because he didn't wanna watch Perfect Getaway! ish.

it's darn cute!
they make rodents look adorable. bullshit! lol

at zhu lian's place because we got bored of watching other shows.

an "AWWWWWW" movie.
it was nice and touching, well i liked it at least.
but the book was way better!

with zhu lian because there was no other show to watch and we wanted to watch it,

i laughed until i was really tired. my gudness!
Jack Neo films are a must watch :D

still wanting to watch perfect getaway!

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