Monday, October 19, 2009

the girl that i grew up with,

has finally turned 18!
and i'm already gonna be 19, lol.

you're an awesome girlf, and i could never ask for more. :D
happy being LEGAL and you're a big girl now.

thanks for always being there for me.
you rock, well sometimes. i obviously rock more. haha

i hoped you enjoyed the lovely surprise's!
well even if u didn't, u just better pretend as if you did!

had her PRE PRE 18th Birthday at her place,

with Haagen and a Ritz cake from her cousin who surprised her in Gurney with it :D and we went to buy Mcd French Fries then Socks came with Tee Kuih and we sat around watching One Tree Hill.

what a great party :) with us girls only!

Classic, and she kept saying,
" I cannot lah! I cannot lah!"

"Shut up and just pull it out. hahaha"

sometimes, you've just gonna be mean to her :)

more update to come on her Suprise Pre-18th @ Blue Reefs as soon as i get the pictures okay.

the little BABY KIKO!
she's so super adorable. i'm gonna kidnapp her homeee!

love this picture!
and they're great people to know!

going supper now!

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