Tuesday, November 17, 2009

baby when the lights go off,

meet my super pretty photogenic friend!

pretty in every angle.
damn you lah miss Tay! lol.

I can't wait to go to :



all my 18 years of living i've always wanted to go there, FINALLY!
wishes do come true! :D

a decent dinner at last @ TGIF!

with my babes.

the best dinner ever.

with the best company and environment. LOL!

5 of us shared two main course meals.
see we're not as tham chiak as u think we are!

my absolute fav.
Fried Mac & Cheese.

some chicken thing ; Fish and Chips!

and the dessert that makes you drool*

here's my pretty friend :

and here's the sampat one:

i guess we saw prince charming! :D

don't you love my red nails? haha.

"camwhore banyak-banyak"

peace to you!

don't mind the fat arms.

it was an awesome night despite the heavy rain.

the crazy duo.

more outings to come!

i still weigh the same! :D

we so have to go jogging humans!
i know you are all reading my blog.

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