Tuesday, November 24, 2009

we're all still pretty much alive.

Penang Bridge International Marathon

22/11/09 @ 7.15 am

thank god we didn't die. haha.

the night before had dinner with my mom's cousin's and grandma @ Northam Hotel.
After that, Kelvin came to fetch me to follow them for supper with Fu Sheng, Min Yen and Evelyn. went to Kapitan and some place on top of the hill. reached home around 12 and i needed my REST!

Breakfast @ MCD ; 5 a.m
omg, i never eaten breakfast so early in my life before! was supposed to get up at 4 smth but me and zhu lian overslept! hahaha. and so did Veryn!
reached there and we looks like zombies eating sausage mcmuffin's! saw a whole lot of other people who were going for the run too :D

called venne to get up and guess what she told us " i think i don't wanna go already, good night!" hahahah! PIG!

and yes, i slept all the way to queensbay like a baby.. parked upstairs in the parking lot and we had to freaking walk down. ohmygosh. it was still pretty much dark when we left and there was a whole lot of people. those who ran the full marathon finished running. woah*

we joined the Fun Run which is 10km. started of at Eastin Hotel - 1/4 of Penang Bridge - somewhere near EGate - Queensbay Mall.

there were like Thousands of people. my gosh. and zhu lian and yee hui left me, veryn and socks half way. damn! hahaha. we had to meet up at the bridge. so damn tiring.

thank god for good weather. drizzled a bit :D

the bridge is very DIRTY!

we're not that lazy after all. haha

LMAO! you should have seen all our pitiful faces. so pathetic okay. and we didn't cheat like some people. tsk.

there's even time to cam whore! haha.

on the way back to queensbay. like FINALLY!

but when we thought we were reaching i guess it wasn't that near!

damn happy to finally see this sign board! haha.

we walked/ran from dark until bright!

the both of us for DIGI!

and the girls for AIA! haha

straight away went to sit on the chair! every body's legs had blister's! hahah.

proudly completed the full 10km!

all smiles from the girls.

nobody wanted to drive home at all after that! haha. LEG PAIN!
and zhu lian almost killed all of us in the car on the way to Egate to eat. had Subway right after that! YUM*

straight came back home and showered and time to hit the sacks! my whole body ached like mad. haha. but it was an experience we'll never forget :D

my supper buddies!

@ Subaidah

had Roti Bom Bom Bom! my fav.

and mee goreng!

no wonder I'm not getting any thinner. hahaha.
damn la all these good testing food. don't wanna live here anymoreeeee!
kidding :)

oh oh,u see the blue shirt guy is our principal and we talked so loud about of lecturers. no wonder he kept looking at us smiling! hahaha. we laughed like mad when veryn actually recognized him. LOL

new signature pose.

that's all for now!
i have too much things going on in my mind now.


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