Friday, November 27, 2009

a month later,

she's a big girl already ; LEGAL

here's a post dedicated to you as i just received the pictures.
can't blame me right. haha.

had a surprise for her @ Blue Reefs with great company and yummy food. we wanted to eat chills at first but due to unforeseen circumstances we didn't. I being so nice that day, drove her and she didn't know where we were going (:

told her it was only me and her dinner but the rest were just waiting in the playground writing her cards. she was excited? i shall answer it myself, YES!

i was like a siao char bo that day, but i love planning these type of stuff's.

Pretty Girls
my best friend and my supper buddy!

a table reserved for us and the food was good

the girls who went,
i'm sure there's no need to introduce right :)

and not forgetting them boys.

after we were about to finish, we surprised her with a cake! :D
and guess what happened again?! they brought the whole box out and placed it on the table. i could almost faint* there. don't they know what's a surprise! hello?!

Mocha Hazelnut!

wanted Butterscotch but thanks to someone, we didn't
ish. hahah.

and i am the pro, haha
pulling out candles and of course cutting the cake for everyone.

mine! with a strawberry on top for a perfect piece. lol

yum* look at my tham chiak face :P

and now, spot the MOST tham chiak one. haha.

Group Pictures!

she's super hyperactive ; idk where she gets all the energy from wei. haha.
a whole year supply of sugar!

the guy who always lends us car sticker when we forget ours!

me and the birthday girl,

self-timers on the road.
it was way too dark.

then, we wanted to go to sunset bistro but we ended up in Hard Rock Hotel.

to camwhore.

went to fetch chien yih as well.

kelvin had to go to KL so he left.
there's a kid in everyone of them. lol

tsk. tsk.
boys will always be boys. hard rock style. LOL!

fu sheng and the birthday girl.

don't like to take pictures with people like her. haha

Elvin, you lucky ass.
don't even trust his timing! pfftttt. an hour later as always!

SAM! go cut your hair again. ahaha

that night was fun!
thank you to everybody who came. haha.

will update about something else when i'm not lazy.
it's tiring!

i need to sleep 24 hours now!

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