Saturday, November 28, 2009

college roadtrip.

another super late post,

but first,

i gave myself a pedi and mani again!
i think it's time to actually go for a real one. this month's salary goes there :D

when mom and dad were in KL doing their visa, they went to the hospital to visit my uncle and guess who was still wide awake as cute as ever,
Mr. James.
looks like Lara when she was young.

then, the night we pia to do English oral outline.

@ Starbucks ; Island Plaza

and teach these boys accounts.

i totally prefer Starbucks coffee over coffee bean now.

i love Dell's web cam functions.
so we camwhored while they tried to understand accounts!

after that, we went over to green lane MCD while the boys tried to finish up their outline, and then me and zhu lian went back and did ours. i was already so freaking tired by the time it was 4 a.m so zhu lian asked me to sleep and she continued editing it until 6a.m. then, we went upstairs to sleep. the consequences of last minute work!

the trip down to BM.

us girls who went,

and them boys,

took min yen's car there.

she's trying how to use the GPS..

while waiting for Kelvin to come fetch us and bring us about.

it was a nice day out until, the car broke down! hahaha.
thank god us girls weren't driving. because then, we wouldn't realise that the temperature went up to HOT!

damn unlucky right, had to leave the car there to cool down or smth.
and all of us fit into Kelvin's car.

we were already so hungry since we all didn't eat lunch/breakfast and it was already 3. so, we went for Hokkien Mee.
yes, i know you're all thinking. all the way down there to eat that?! there was no other choice, we were hungry! haha

other things we ate as well.

then, that babi zhu lian had to go home. so she followed her mom.
and Kelvin took us to the Dam.
and the toilet is so disgusting but i had no other choice. hahaha.


it was a pretty view.

and they wanted to go and walk! pfffttttt.
you know how lazy i can get when it comes to walking! haha

so we walked and walked and walked.
then, the sky became SUPER DARK!

I quickly ran back to the car to avoid the rain but what the diff? i got wet too. arghhh.
hate the rain in times like this!

headed over to Aeon Mall because we wanted some place dry and sheltered!

look at their drinks and shirt colours! coincidence much? lol

wanted to actually cook pasta at kelvin's place but laziness kicked in again.
went to some chu char place to eat. it was packed!

i can do it better than he can :D

went back to check the car and we had to go to kelvin's house to take water in a watering can just for the car. and it was raining! it was not a very nice night!
we didn't on the air cond the whole way back to penang, could have died in the car. thank goodness we reached home safely.
took a warm shower and was out with them again and Sam.

Mcd Green lane,

me and veryn went to meet up with them while socks & yee hui was doing assignment :D

we laughed so loud playing with the web cam settings.

this was funny, veryn was the ware wolf at first and when we snapped it suddenly changed to my face! LOL

i have replacement class next saturday,
O&M Test 2.

and i need to go Dress & Shoe shopping ASAP
for zhu lian bro's wedding :D
the problem is, i'm broke :(

that's all for my post!

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