Sunday, November 08, 2009

oovoo is fun,

if ONLY! :D

i think i'm in

say bye bye to MSN / Skype,

we shifted from msn

to ooVoo,

it's the new thing everybody's into.
conference call to loads of people at once. NICE!

damn, all of us were like so bloody hungry talking to each other.
ended up eating , Oreo & Peanut Butter
fu sheng , some cream biscuit thing, don't know whether he ate maggie mee or not!
and that girl , haagen ice cream. wth right?

then his mic and webcam couldn't work for a while.
peace and quiet. lol.


had loads of fun

@ yi lin's 18th,

will update when i'm not lazy.
she has the sweetest boyf ever :D

came back home and talked with the babi's.

i think i'm loving this, :D

she's being disgusting, showing us her leg.

then, sam wanted to join our girls talk.
kepo i tell you. hahaha.

then he invited the "wife" to come in.

i love dress up's!

my sister's birthday surprise @ her place, sunset bistro and jamal!
we had a great time together.

we decided to go for Chillis after Harvest Inn because it was raining. lazy to go out.

Refillable Chips and Salsa Dip,

Motlen Choc. Cake

oh, it was the BOMB.

will update ASAP.
just too lazy to edit the pictures.

dinner @ TGIF with them people.

when hannah stayed over.

i have ORAL on Thursday.

headache la seriously.

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