Saturday, November 14, 2009

party like there's no tomorrow!

i'm DONE with ORAL! :D

next week,

Information Technology & Systems test 1.
very good, and i don't know anything about it..

Summary Writing on a freaking Saturday
wth right? i think it's only 30 mins.

Accounts Assignment to be handed up
we're almost done, went to hard rock today to do it. lol

that's my college life. sucky i know!
while others are having holidays we have to study.

i love rainbow's. they're so pretty :D

dinner @ Old Town!

had a lot of parties and surprises going on this past few weeks. but i'm always up for it!
  • Joyce Lim Sze Yuen

  • Koay Yi Lin

celebrated @ Paradise Hotel

getting ready. everybody was so pretty that night (:

then we headed over to blue reefs and blindfolded her all the way
but to her surprise she was actually sitting in the boyf's car who told her he won't be back.

damn, we're good! :D

we must loose weight together!

the prettiest girl ever! but she's too thin. haha

  • Elmo Ng Pei Yen

surprised her once during yi lin's party with a cake and on the actual day, we went to bali bali to makan! then to the pasar malam (:
and i had oral the next day, say thank you that i came! lol

they wanted to practice oral and i so smartly forgot to bring anything there!
LOL! supper @ MCD with them :

as usual, we ended up talking. i didn't let them do their work! :D
i'll always remember that night! those babi's. asked me to love them "deep deep". lol.
played a DARE! haha.

i seriously love hanging out with them.
thank god for them!

was sick that night,
i bought a whole box of tissue down to MCD! hahaha.

i'm getting super lazy day by day.
oh crap, i have work!


season 6 here i come

gluing my butt to the tv.

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