Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy birthday to ME :)

my last "teen" year!

I had a super awesome time last night.

everything was planned perfectly thanks too :

and of course to those who helped in every single way.
even by coming you guys made me a happy birthday girl :D


i spent my pre birthday morning and afternoon all alone with my best friend's : Mr. Astro and Mr. Laptop.
they were of very good company to me. text the girlf to see what were the plans because i really didn't know anything! and she told me, she didn't know and she had to celebrate her friend's birthday before coming to mine.

so, yee hui came and pick me up with venne. and she was totally driving like a siao lang in the car. my gosh. didn't know why at first and they gave me the reason that they're were HUNGRY! as usual la. lol. picked up veryn and thank god we reached Little Cottage 2 safely.

and we were screaming so loud on where to sit and i think i got a shock of my life when i saw everybody already sitting @ the table!
"OMG, WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE HERE" - nicole tan.
i seriously didn't expect anything. thank you lots people! haha.

the lovely girls (:

salmon, wasn't really good. FAIL!

then again we had to decide where we wanted to go. as usual, it will take at least about half an hour before we actually decide! and so, we went to Torch to chill :)

and yet again, they surprised me with my most favourite ever Butterscotch cake from Ritz! YUMMY*

i hope my birthday wishes do come true this year! :D

some played chor tai ti,

superlike's this picture. haha!

& some just decided to play pool!

"i can do it better than you =)"

& the rest are just cam whore's! LOL!

the girls - veryn .
damnn, didn't get a single picture with her. seesh*

but here are my pretty babe's!

sampat boys.

oh, i guess this time i don't have to be the one to cut the cake and serve them like i usually do! lol

it was great for sure.
just look at my face, I'm sure you'll have the urge to it eat too.
come to my place! :D

awww, the boys with their Colgate smiles.
SAM and his signature pose again!

my awesome people :D

after party was @ Mois. totally unplanned!

forced Sabrina to go :D
& Charlene was there too!

us and edmund!

no intro needed right?

went back home and slept like a baby until the next afternoon!

& i had a super awesome present!

birthday wishes do come TRUE :D

went out with my parents for birthday dinner @ Sakae. it was great. and then,

actual birthday supper @ Green Lane MCD with the two siao lang's :D

he's always like that. forgive him pls. lol

college won't be the same w/o them!
awwwwwwwww :D

& thank you to everybody for the text messages/facebook posts.
it's truly awesome!
i feel so blessed to have you people as buddies!


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