Wednesday, February 03, 2010

"wake up nicole, SURPRISE"

officially a couch potato.
what would I do without you my beloved astro!

On Sunday, it was super hot so parents decided to on the air cond in the hall so I ended up snoozing there while watching Australian Open! i don't usually watch tennis but since it's a grand slam event, i made an exception!
it was good! go Federer but Andy Murray was good as well :)

then i suddenly heard my doorbell ring and i had to get up, to my surprise i saw my 3 babes outside my door with a cake singing Happy Birthday. LOL!

thank you girls for the lovely cake! so CUTE!
Pei Yen , Karen , Yi Lin and Soon Chern's the grass. haha!

and i was in my pajamas.
my goodness! you girls could have called. haha.

and some day after exams i couldn't stand my horrible toe and fingernails so i so patiently took my time to repaint them. gosh!
i should prob, go for a mani and pedi soon, they're in horrible state!

and we had dinner when Alex and Cheryl was back.
yummy dinner indeed after a stressful paper of dumb accounts!!

the one's who have to keep up with my nonsense :D
i think i make their live more interesting

and the night, she wanted to go grocery shopping @ cold storage.
had supper with the old people later on at Ananda!

I'm ROTTING at home currently.
so bored. so lazy.

take me out if you want top, but at night pls. i HATE the weather now.
it's too hot. damnnn!

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