Thursday, January 07, 2010

new edition :)

HELLO world,

first of all,
Thank You Mummy for the awesome late Christmas & early Birthday Present :D

& my bro sort of gave me his laptop as well.
i think that will do. i'm contented!

i think bloody red is gonna be my current fav. colour!
bye bye, pink!

and it's the last week of sem 2 in college already. that went by pretty fast despite all the complaining about test/assignments/presentation. i'm glad it's gonna be over.

went for lunch @ a "restaurant" in new lane.
the food was not bad.

thank god this was my last wednesday class. i hope the time table isn't as sucky in sem 3.

went to Kapitan for breakfast with the normal people after class.

the sick girl, damnnn!

we were all so blur in the car today. I think it's the stupid disgusting cough syrup that's affecting me.
i thought Khallel was Kapitan and was trying to find for parking.
Yee Hui thought Subbaidah was it and was screaming at me why i didn't turn in.
:S tsk.

still got time to put self timer and vain at the "3 min traffic light" opposite sunrise! :D

squashed behind w/ veryn's super scary driving today.
siao girl, simply honking people

almost DIED sitting in the car today.

with specs?

or without?

i think i look better without :D
that's why i have such good eyes.

- i will def. NOT miss it. pfftttt.

tomorrow's the last day. wheee* and it's time for me to study!
Exams are in a week. I'm scared yet still not doing anything. haha.

okay, i will do it.
going down to KL on sun to pick up dad and get my US VISA. wish me luck.

crazy ye adorable dogs.

pig 1 ; eating.

pig 2 ; sleeping

&& my eye bags are horrible!
i need 24 hours of sleep . seriously!

will change my blogskin when i'm not lazy.
for now, just read my posts.

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