Friday, January 08, 2010

ending of 2009!

Towards the end of 2009, there was a whole lot of event which popped out. as usual. So, here are a few pictures just to summarize the major events.

Janson & Yee Von's Wedding :D

The day before, went to the house to eat.

The next morning, went to be kepo and followed them to pick up the Bride. it was funny seeing the guys having to do silly things, eg. waxing! poor thing.
Went back to the house to pang teh and all and i went back home to SLEEP. was so freaking tired.

@ the bride's place.

Got up and had to move over to the G-Hotel to get ready. omg, the both of us brought like a million things up there just to stay one night. lol. I had to hold my dress summore.
Had to quickly make up and get ready because we were in charge @ the reception. see, kepo job again for me. lol. & i was so freaking hungry I settled for nuts :D lol

the live band
- spot the entao member ;)

pretty girls in the toilet.

&& the pretty bride.
so pathetic we had to take a picture in G-Hotel's toilet. LOL!

We were like so tired after the wedding ended. went back up to the room and changed while waiting for people to take us out, but there was NOBODY!

So we walked down and we went to Coffee Bean for Hot Chocolate and Choc Chip Muffins :D

went back to the room and still waited and fell asleep while watching TV!
It was an awesome time there.

Christmas Eve
@ Melanie's

had yummy food :D

fellow CGL-ians.

@ Coffee Island

met the whole bunch there and sat there with the annoying lady's voice screaming in the mic for the countdown. seesh*


went to Church for Service in the morning. Then i slept my whole afternoon :D

my grown up girls

Youth Christmas Party

Everybody wore formal, but it didn't seem like a party at all this year.

the seniors :D

When Nicole meets Nicole.
damn we have awesome names. haha!

&& we look like we almost wore the same dress!

Our Mini post Christmas/pre new year party
@ Golden View Service Apartments

it was nothing much, just a pot bless party by all of us. haha. random much eh!

enam Hostest sekalian.

will post more as soon as i get the pictures!

New Year's Eve!
@ Vivian's place & Joyce's place & outside UPR & Coffee Island

wah, banyak tempat i went to. was so busy.

pictures with janice! :D

and the one fine day we all decided to do christmas shopping


see you peopleeee.

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