Sunday, January 10, 2010

when u can't sleep at night

it's 3.45am and i can't sleep! darn*

leaving for KL in a few hours, thank god I'm not driving. this means SLEEP the whole journey.

today was very very unproductive,
went to work, came back ate lunch, facebook-ed a while, went to sleep, watched TV the whole night!

i miss going on food tour.
this is why I'm FAT!

& we went to the place with the pretty waterfall.
i love the greens!


my school hall and my table for SPM!
& it's History now.

i wanna go Swimming and i def. want my hair to be long ASAP!

it so better grow by December so I can look pretty for my cousin's wedding :D

here are a few hairstyle I'm loving and also planning to cut in 2011.
wow, planning ahead. hahah

was watching AI just the other day, i think absolutely loving Katy Perry's hair.
it's so volumized and jet black.

have always been a fan of Selena Gomez's HAIR!
yea, prob gonna cut this length (:

Lauren Conrad & Nicole Richie have lovely blond hair as well.

i have until next year to think how to cut my hair.

study hard all you TAR people (:

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