Friday, February 12, 2010

BYE BYE penang,

i'm leaving in an hours time to the airport .
see you people in 2 weeks :D

check out my facebook and twitter for updates!

will be staying a night in S'pore Changi Airpot
then Japan for transit to LAX!

:D super excited.

dad was repairing the door which came down, but in the end I did it. ish

i love the pretty red flowers in the house.

awww, miss Bubble's so cute!

& she just sleeps right smack in the middle of my bed.

don't think i'll be updating my blog though.
maybe when i get a laptop.
but now all i have is a PSP! :D


1 comment:

Quin said...

SOOOO cute..he actually hugs a bolster? My dog will just tear the bolster.haha