Thursday, February 11, 2010

i'm not crazy

a different side of me,

hello people,
i know i haven't been updating. being pretty lazy as usual.

there's gonna be a party in the USA soon :) super excited.

since holidays started, it totally doesn't feel like it at all. I've been rotting at home collecting moss while watching tv. worse than going to college. PFFTT*

i have nothing much to say though, but here are a few pictures to feast your eyes on.

being a pig in the car

the ice cream shop beside Veryn's stall in Gruney. entered it into the star thumbnails and it came out! haha.
go see, 6TH FEBRUARY!
& guess what, when i went to visit again they took down the poster. LOL!

awww, she's a cutie. just too noisy.

On Friday,
went for mamak with Yan, SamThum, TimYeoh, Isaac & Nicholas @ Rafee.

i like how the pink stands out in the picture,

and the BLUE!

went to church as usual and i got to see Baby Nathan again! he's such a handsome boy :D
and he's finally awake this time. haha.

with his EE Eulene.

church is always fun! even though sometimes you have to sit through boring sermons. but it's the people your with and GOD's wonderful presence!

and in the afternoon, CAPTAIN BALL!
super awesome and super fun and super tired. thank you Leroy for fetching me. was like half asleep when they came to pick me up. haha.
good times in youth park on Sunday's afternoon again and finally exercise!

zhu lian picked me up and send me back to wash up and off we went to :


the super noisy car ride there!

we'll always be the Enam orang gila. lol

everything fits perfectly.

and did i mention we got LOST on the way back to penang.

we ended up @ Jawi and had to turn back. mygosh. tsk. and it was so dark!
scary moments, but i was too busy playing with zhu's ipod. hahah.

OH, and i got 500+ for Traffic Rush. woohooo*
must beat the score again when i come back :D

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