Sunday, April 25, 2010

someboy to love.



was awesome as usual!

well, JESUS is the awesome one.
all glory goes to him.

THANK YOU ACTS church for coming down :)

and, i have

one month break people.
5 days already gone. that was fast!

mom scolds me for being a phone addict. LOL!

I am now currently rotting my ass off at home. It's always like that when we have holidays :D
my super awesome best friend is the TV. keeps me company whenever i need entertainment!

was supposed to be at veryn's place at 11am but i only got up that time. haha. sorry babe

and when i went to zhu's place, we ended up :


watched Mom At Sixteen, THS : Victoria and David Beckham

and my fav. Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

thank god after this was some dumb show.
or not we wouldn't have shifted our butts. lol

talking to ah hui one the phoneeeee.

okay, we ended up at her place around 12 and jan already had to leave for college. haha.
so we took her out for lunch. ended up at Batu F. in here mom's bakery! :D

her dad made us the most awesome Vanilla Milkshake ever!

idk what these two pigs were fighting about lah. haha.

we were too busy drinking :)

laze around there for awhile then we went back to veryn's place. and we ended up lazing around as usual before we went down to the pool. lol

played with Isabelle and Jasmine.
super adorable kids :)

hyper as well. haha.

Janice PPK-ed us this time to go back home. lousy girl.

fun pool moments.
no one to take picture for us so we had to use self-timer. LOL!

after that was dinner @ Good All and supper @ Chulia Street.
best curry mee :D


Penang Girl Guides Joggaton 2010

again agreed to do kepo stuff. seesh*

woke up at 6.50am just for this nonsense and we had to wait for the VVIP to come. pffttt.
only started jogging at 10.

as usual, the kepo's that volunteered to help!

the Chan sisters :)

walked from HQ to Padang Polo and all the way back again.
the only cool thing is there was police to block the road for us ;)

had to keep telling the girls "Please Walk insideeeeeeee"
i myself no energy to shout and yet we had to do that. thank god i survived.

yee hui kept telling me "We're almost reaching"
yeah almost my ass. LOL!

we straight went to the air cond room the moment we could.

went for lunch at chulia street, char sui fan. the best! but had to wait for 30 mins before getting the food. ridiculous one.. but it's all for good food :)

and some random night these people decided to go to TAO and eat.
they feeling rich. tsk.

always SMS!

eat until full like crap.

the WHITE's :D

people who went + Tim and Chin Hwei.


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