Tuesday, May 04, 2010

everything comes Naturally.

HELLO people :D

my holiday have been super productive indeed. that's good.
keeps me from rotting at home!

idk why i easily get bruises now a days. SUCKS!
two fresh one's on my leg again. blahhh

and some random day we had off from dance practice so me, zhu and yee hui went gurney to get her swim suit and i got my :

CUTE LIL DUCK from Andrew and Zhu :D
meet, Spencer!
too adorable to resist getting him!

they bullied him in the car.

yes, everybody loves him now. seriously damn cute. haha

yee hui said i look like a mother. LOL!
Spencer and Creampuff :D

then we went to eat Ice Kacang and Chendol
very YUMMY on a super hot day

and here are some random college pictures.

the day we all had OHR Presentation and wore all purple
and we went to Prangin Mall. omg how LAME!

Haagen Daaz ; Tuesday discount day !

Computer Lab, IT assignments.

Hard Rock Hotel doing assignments.
too bored! haha

and my super cute dogs will be forever cute :D

look how she sleeps. haha

his new friend!


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