Saturday, June 12, 2010

i heard you knockin on my door.

life has been kinda good.
well, for now it is :)

Last whole week, Ryn's friends from Singapore came down to Penang and we had to be their tour guides. it was fun bring them around everywehre.
we even drove to Tambun and went to sit on the Ferry. which i haven't sat for like idk how many years.

the girls ; Jae-Yenn and Cheryl
w/o the two guys, Sheldon and Ki Yong!

come down soon people.
or we'll go singapore and you can take us out! :D

Wednesday, went Bowling @ BJ Complex with Onward people!
and yan got her new DSLR so we camwhored with it.
omg, i totally suck in bowling!

my girls ; LOVES

and of course i totally miss
USA now.

okay i know it's a bit random and stuff.

will update on Jan's birthday soon!

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