Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup! World Cup!


okay, i have to admit i have been going world cup crazy since it started. never knew i was such a football fanatic. i'm willing to give up my sleep just to watch the 2.30am match even though i have classes at 9am the next morning. thank god it's only for a month! :)

Here are the major two teams i'm supporting ;

all the way babehh.

with Michael Ballack injured this season,
Philipp Lahm became captain.
and he's kinda cute :)

they better be playing well the next game.
i almost died watching them lose 0-1 to Serbia.

and next would be,


another shocking thing that they lost 0-1 to switzerland.

all because they didn't let Fabergas play! ish.

David Villa def. gets my vote this world cup!
wah, totally yeng when he scores!
top scorer :)

and here are my fav. players of 2010.

Steven Gerrard!
captain of England.

i love him, just that i don't support the country he's playing in. haha

of Brazil.

majorly cute! although he hasn't been playing his best
and he got himself a freaking red card for the match against portugal.
damn potong!

Cristiano Ronaldo!
captain of Portugal

i just found him today when i was watching the match where them pawned North Korea, 7-0.
he's totally Yeng

that's all for now.
wait till i find new one's!

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