Thursday, July 29, 2010

too hot to resist.

like seriously, every time i see them a :D automatically comes out.

it's too hard to resist not too!

on the very very top of my list will always be,

Chace Crawford!

no words needed to describe his HOT-NESS!

and the rest in no particular order,

Logan Lerman

Percy Jackson suited him perfectly.
I'm loving your blue eyes boy!

Zac Efron

woah, look at that fineeeee body!

Matt Long

baby cute face and of course my fav. eye colour.

i think i would fall for any guy who had
perfect sparkling BLUE eyes.

"blue eyes, blue eyes, what's the matter with you?"

Taylor Lautner

you've def. gave me a diff opinion on ware wolves.
your smile is my drug :)

Josh Duhamel

fergie totally doesn't deserve you!

Ryan Reynolds

a charmer for sure.
who ever said when you get older you look your charm?
well, he def. proved it wrong!

Joe Jonas

oopss, i still find him as cute as ever!
with good fashion sense.

that's all for now.
but this list will have more hot stuff in it soon.


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