Thursday, August 05, 2010


it was a very very WET one indeed.

30 July (Friday),
left for Kay-Elle at 7.30am! and guess what? miss tay was like late. she only got up when me and zhu had finished bathing. faints*

rushed to the bus station and we just made it in time not to miss the bus. thank god! :D
the bus was kinda empty since it was so early in the morning,

and we had to sit behind.

and i slept on zhu's legs. luckily they didn't break. lol.

it's a must try! YUM*

finally after 4 hours+ in the bumpy bus ride, we finally reached!
but guess what, we arrived earlier than expected and stooopid jams, Choo Lynn fetched us an hour later! i was gonna die of heat.


when she finally arrived again we got stuck in the jam on the way to Pavalion. had lunch there and just walked around. but it's def. too expensive to buy anything!

however, zhu finally bought her Paul Frank t-shirt.
the paper bag so damn cute! :D

then, headed off to Pyramid. err, we didn't know how to exactly get there. but thank god we arrived after a 1 and a half hour journey. me and zhu lian dozed off. sorry. haha

and there are no petrol stations to be found one.
LAME! that's why i don't like KL! would not choose to stay there!

ended up eating @ Pasta Zanmai
had spag. noodles but in jap style.

choo lynn's boyf ; Chris joined us after his work.

my best girlf, but cacated editing!

one moment we were happy,

and the next we were sad.

but thank goodness everything worked out!
and Choo dropped us back to my aunt's place. THANK YOU LOTS! :D

while waiting for the slow pokes to shower i did this!

i couldn't bring it to the concert cause people will laugh :(

it was so nice after the shower! gosh. after that, got clothes ready for tmr and we went to watch TV.

finished up Gossip Girl Season 3 where we all stopped when we were caught up with test's and assignments.

as usual, the reason i watch.
nah, kidding. i just LOVE him.

now i can't wait for Season 4 to come out.
kan cheong much.

31st July (Saturday),
we're such pigs where ever we go. got up kinda late thanks to GG. haha.

getting ready,
girls will be girls.

all done! just the simple us.

kinda blind already, that explains specs.

my cousin's mirror damn dirty! lol.

and my smart cousin knew we would get hungry and there wasn't time for dinner so he took us for,

our fav of course.

plus, it was yummy. i like it.
with crab curry! :D
ohmygosh, this pic is already making me hungry.

finally made it to Pyramid (again -.-)
met up with sam, sab and gang.

was too lazy to walk around again so we had coffee bean for tea.
look at the pathetic cookie there. lol.

iPhone love.
and the whole of the place was wi-fied. cool :D

and we finally got our, TICKETS!

all ready to go and line up.

when we went out, almost fainted when i saw how long the line was, but us being us, we just cut in the line. HAHA! sorry. but we're smart people.

trust me, there were like a whole lot more people behind!

then, mr. rain just HAD to come! goodness. was totally drenched like mad! had to just share umbrella with random people in order not to get soaked. they were nice girls to let us stand with them. haha!

then they started throwing plastic raincoats and we started snatching. wow, they were well prepared for the rain i guess.

waited so long before it stared and had to find the correct spot so we short people could see at least the stage and big tv!

MTV VJ's from diff. countries.

started off with Bunk Face.
okay, it's kinda small cause we were kinda far and my cam is lousy.

look at how horrible we look.
and the rain kept going on and off.

waited like nobody's business in between intervals. annoying much.

the Wonder Girls!

woah, they're hot when they dance!
but i only find one of them pretty in the whole group.
best pic of the night. it's was damn chun.

"i want nobody, nobody but you"
it was def. a must to sing this song.

this time we waited extra long because the rain did smth to the recording thing and they had to fix it and we were standing/sitting there like dub dub's! -.-

the fan they gave us was of good use.
but i didn't take it back cause i think it was spoiled already by the end of the concert! haha

and finally, Tokio Hotel

sang along to the very few songs we know, Automatic, World Behind My Walls... err, don't remember already. lol

and again, the wait begins. for an hour this time.
my legs were about to break from all the tip toeing and jumping already!

but it was all worth it for, KATY PERRY!! :D

she's so pretty like seriously. and sweet!

i think we knew every song she sang :D

and her new song, Peacock.

this is a proper pic. not by me.
just wanted to show you how nice isit.
current comp. wallpaper!

will def. attend her concert if she comes back! FRONT ROW TICKETS!! :D haha.

look how disgusting the place was. my goodness.

thanks abel for helping us!
yucks pic*

we didn't leave yet cause there was one last performance by the Wonder Girls for the time we had to wait.

ended up singing nobody, English Version.

cousin fetched us back, luckily the jam wasn't bad. went to A&W at 2am for supper because we were obviously hungry. too much energy used. but we stink like mad. who cares. lol

reached home and straight went to shower! cannot tahan d.
me and ver had finished bathing then only she came out. faint*

watched She's Out Of My League but didn't last cause it was a boring show. ended up falling asleep.

1 August (Sunday),
was supposed to go for church but we were all damn tired.

slept like a pig as usual. haha!

our things. we packed light this time.

got up late and cousin took us to the bus station. met bianca there on the same bus! :D
reached pg kinda late and ver's parents took us for dinner! thank youuuu.

i just realized how much i love Katy Perry! HAH*

awww, during the press conference!

and she's tall!
compared to the koreans :D

that's all!

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