Friday, August 13, 2010

LOL @ the girlf.

miscommunication again.

NICOLE : Tell me songs to listen to!
ZHU : (naming a few songs).... I Like It.
NICOLE : HUH? what song u like? don't make me blur.
ZHU : LOL! the song is I like it.
NICOLE : what are you talking about?!
ZHU : go youtube and type it out.

it happed so many times already.

another one. it happened earlier.

NICOLE : ehhh, tell me some nice songs lah.
ZHU : somebody to love, secret, addicted,.......
(can't remember the songs already lah)
NICOLE : addicted by who?
ZHU : LOL!!! by no one, i'm addicted to the song lah.

i laughed like mad.

nwy's that's us :)

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