Friday, August 13, 2010

you are the king of kings!

shall blog about our trip to Ipoh for,


11 August
so, the three of us who got ditched decided on driving ourselves down. ver drove there and when we reached safely we found the hotel! thank god :)

but then, parking gave us a major headache. we went 10 rounds i think. before we didn't bother and just parked behind a car. and again thank goodness there was no pink colour parking ticket on out car! lol.

and the place was so packed with people. was lost in the crowd! and we managed to find yue shern and got in earlier than janice and daryl who was lining up when we were busy finding parking. hah. pro man pro.

inside the hall, was kinda far.

i couldn't see anything at first for being short. and i manged to peep through and tip toed to see. and the people look like ants! reminded me so much of world stage.

my STICK girl :D

worship was good! :) but i wonder whether people were there for god or for the band. because it seemed like it was a party inside a club with all those lights and people were being :| (you know). but i really all glory goes to god!

Pastor Josh Kimes then gave a short message about people trying to fit in to the world.

but God didn't let u just fit in because he had something special planned for you!

I'm glad lives were saved and people surrendered them to god! revival is happening in M'sia! YAY*

met up with the 3 of them!

after everything was over.
the sing behind is visible right? lol.

after that, wanted to go back since it was already 10 smth and penang isn't very near! lol. but we went out and saw so many people crowding around so we also kepo lah and, everybody was getting pictures and autographs. lol.

one of the band members :)

and we decided on getting pictures too since it's like once in a blue moon we'll meet them,

Pastor Josh is so TALL!
he's MARRIED though.

Pastor Lee Burns.
oh the entao one. we were saying we must take with him! haha. friendly for sure :)
and he was so nice to bend down for us short people.
MARRIED with 3 children as well.

oh, and he's the principal of Hillsong Uni.
so lucky to have such a good looking principal. lol.

okay, downstairs was packed as well.

i drove back and yes, i had to wear my glasses for safety precaution. lol

was talking all the way back home so the drive didn't feel as long as the getting there. thank god for journey mercies! :D


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