Tuesday, September 28, 2010

“DiGi iPhone 4 Me”

The new gadget every body's GAGA-ing about.

Apple's new invention ; IPHONE4

So, Why you want an iPhone 4 from DiGi?

Well, getting an iPhone 4 isn't merely a need but it is definitely a want! It had made the top of my "things I wish i had" list this year when I first heard that Apple was going to launch the iPhone 4 in Malaysia itself.

So, here are my top 5 reason why i would love to get an iPhone4 from digi,
  1. Girls will always be girls when it comes to getting mobile phones with a camera in it. It is a necessity! The iPhone 4, that includes a Five Mega pixel Camera with LED flash just makes us want it even more as compared to the 3G S which has only Three Mega pixel. Where ever I go, it would be even more convenient to have an iPhone 4 without having to carry my compact camera to take snapshots during vain moments.

  2. Next would be the iPod functionality in an iPhone.As teenagers, music is the way of life now. It is essential that we have music where ever we go. By having an iPhone 4, i do not have to bring my iPod around everywhere and it makes it so much easier that whenever i need a tune in my head i just plug in my earphones to my iPhone and I can do anything i want while listening to my favourite songs.

  3. Living in today's world, Social Networking such as Facebook and Twitter helps us stay connected to friends, family and the latest updates. It is so much easier to catch up with friends and post photos and updates straight from the iPhone itself without having to get on a computer. In my opinion, if the iPhone hadn't been invented, sites such as Twitter wouldn't be as famous as it is today. Even during BORING lectures, there's always the iPhone 4 to keep me company. I will never be the same after getting the iPhone 4!

  4. GAMES and App Store. This is one of the reason's why i love the iPhone 4 as compared to other phones. The games provided are truly high quality and it receives frequent updates for free. One of my favourite games in the iPhone would be Angry Birds! I could sit there for hours playing that game :) The App Store on the other hand that is provided by the iPhone makes life a whole lot easier by just having to download whatever is needed and it can be used instantly.

  5. Finally, the best for the last. The iPhone 4 now includes Video Calls! It is now possible with an addition of a front camera. It is so much more fun when you are able to see the other person's face while having a conversation instead of just hearing their voices.
All in all, an iPhone would come in handy to me! :D just blogging about this gets me excited!

No more words needed i guess, this just sums it up!

Day 1 - DONE!

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