Wednesday, September 29, 2010

“DiGi iPhone 4 Play”

When getting an iPhone 4, it's all about the Apps that makes the iPhone what it is and to bring out your own personality and preference.

There are many super awesome Apps that can be found in the iPhone such as :

Apps For Fun & Games such as, Angry Birds

Apps for your Camera such as, Lomo Camera

Apps for Music such as RjDj which enables you to create a soundtrack!

Apps For Working Out like Lose It!

There would be too many apps to be posted here, but if you all would CLICK HERE it would be so much easier to find out more!

Well, all in all said, the App that I've tried out from the itunes Apps Store and has been my all time favourite would be :

the App for Camera which is the Polaroid App!

One of the most thing i love most about this app is that it can be downloaded free. No hassle required when we want this app. It is just a click away unlike other apps which need to be purchased from the itunes apps stores with the itunes card.

Moreover, this app is just perfect for me! I always love taking Polaroids but just to state the obvious, buying a Polaroid camera will cost me quite a lot and buying the films for the camera will cost me even more. The iPhone Polaroid app works almost the same, just that the film won't come out instantly.

Polaroids totally do ROCK! :)

With this app, it enables me to take Polaroids where ever i go without worrying that my film will finish. This app also lets me choose whether i would like to write a caption for the picture I've taken and it makes life a lot easier.

Without any doubt, my favourite app in the iPhone would definitely get a :

from me! :D


Day 2 - DONE!

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