Thursday, September 30, 2010

“DiGi iPhone 4 Real”

One might say getting an iPhone 4 without getting hooked to a plan would be easier but others might say the opposite. Everybody has their own opinion.

But who wouldn't want cheaper rates for calls, sms, mms and Internet access anywhere you go? The digi plan for the iPhone 4 certainly has lived up to its standards by bringing us the most affordable plan yet.

Well, as a student in college messaging till fingers goes numb, surfing the web till eyes go blurry, talking on the phone all day long and loads more are kinda a normal thing we all do.

and now, the Digi iPhone 4 plans has come up with 3 types of iDigi plans iDiGi 88, iDiGi 138 and iDiGi 238! There are even new rates to the plan

So, in my opinion, what i LOVE about the Digi iPhone 4 plans are that :
  • I get more monthly FREE usage! :D No matter which plan i choose to purchase, i still get the benefits that I want. Who wouldn't like getting Free SMS, Free Voice, Free MMS and Free Internet access!

  • Moreover, i get LOWEST rate after monthly free usage which will come in handy to me as texting and calling will still be apart of my daily activities!

  • Hence, i get NO BILL AFTERSHOCK even after i exceed the monthly quota. Now, that's a bonus hard to resist. I still get to use the Internet where ever i go without having to worry whether there will be wifi or not. It makes life so much more convenient without having to worry. Problem solved for unlimited Internet access! :)

  • In addition, i also get CHEAPER calls to 6 friends and family of my choice. Now, all the more that i can give a surprise call to all those lucky people without thinking how much credit will be gone if i do so.

  • Last but not least, i get FREE calls, MMS, SMS to 6DG Family lines! Now, that's what i call awesome! :) I just love it when i see the word free. It just makes the plan worth getting!

you'll be amazed by the awesome-ness!
well I've already summarized it up

All in all, i know i would choose the Digi iPhone 4 plan :) So, what you waiting for?

Day 3 - DONE!

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