Sunday, April 01, 2012

A for

no, not apple but :


what a great way to start of this A-Z challenge post :) i know they said to keep it short and simple but a little long first post won't do any harm right? haha.

It's so cool because i'm in this very county in Hobart, Tasmania doing in Bachelors in Accounting :) and God has blessed me so much by getting to study overseas :) so thankful!

so, this is what i've been doing since the day i arrived here :

1. Went to Grandview for Cheese tasting!
and trust me, it was so yummy. thank you mr.baaaaaa :D

2. visited MONA - Museum of Old and New Art
def. a place you have to visit when you're in Tassie because it's so weird! haha. 

3. to top it up, a super yummy dinner at Barilla Bay , oyster farm!
just by looking at the food i'm drooling already! so YUM*

4. and the only thing to do on saturday is to head down to Salamanca Market! :D
it's worth your time going down there. only happens at 9-2pm!
and on that day we were there, they were filming Masterchef S3 and managed to see the judges. how cool? haha.

5. a super long drive all the way to Port Arthur where the massacre happened
a whole lot of walking involved!

6. yummy seafood dinner! this was at Mures :D

7. Port Elizabeth :)
the view is just too amazing to say anything about it

8. the day i moved into my Uni Accommodation, Christ College.
and the amazing view from my room. i thank god i really got this view :) no pictures of my room because it's too "pretty". haha.

 9. O-Week for the new students of Uni Of Tas 2012 :)
hey, we got free food! :D

10. and the oh-so-fun cooking time.
NOT! i hate cooking. arghhh. lol

11. dinner at Barcelona after class because we didn't wan an cook that night!
and this is the best pizza like ever! Asian Duck! no regrets for sure eating it!

12. major Camwhore moments because that what boredness does to you :D

13.  first OCF meeting
met amazing people there :) people of God!

14. OCF trip to Bonorong Wildlife Park

because the Kangaroo's were too cute. except that they shit everywhere! arghhh

and after that, we headed to the Botanical Gardens
to play some games and lunch ! :D

15. a jog to Long Beach !
it was all worth it. well, i think i was more of walking and talking than jogging

16. had Supper night! :D
had roti prata, curry chicken and chai tao kuih. oh-so-yummy!

17. having dinner after Church :)
always love the fellowship after that. it's just like lunch after church in penang :)

18. first OCF Connect Night out :)
instead of bible study, we all went to have yummy jap food and to the casino for free drinks after. what a good night out!

19. and we all supported EARTH HOUR this year form 8.30-9.30pm
free food and drinks downstairs! :D

20. last but not least, the super long WALKS i have to face almost everyday!
life is about walking in tassie land. lol

okay, ohmygoodness! that was rather long! lol. the posts to come won't be so long anymore. haha. anyway, hope ya'll enjoyed reading it :)

and stay tune for what's to come for the letter B. go figure!


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